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Thank you for visiting Sugar Creek Farms. As you may have discovered, we have a different model than most mass market farms. The combination of our extreme focus on quality, along with extremely strong demand from our customers, led us to decide early on that we would not mass produce to flood retailers with our product. We currently don't have the ability to sell online so please get in contact to place an order. There is sometimes a wait, but we always do our best to allocate to new customers when available.


Tom and Michelle Krcatovich own and operated Sugar Creek Farms in Allegan, Michigan. The farm raises 100% grass-fed, pasture raised beef, focusing on regenerative pasture techniques.

Tom had a desire and passion to raise cattle ever since his childhood spent on the family farm. He knew one day he would raise his own cattle. We got our start back in the early 1990s, when we decided to start raising beef for our immediate family. Quality of food was important to us and three growing boys can eat a lot! Over the years we continued to provide for more friends and family slowing growing the size of the herd.


In the beginning everything we did was conventional. We fed our herd corn, grain, some hay and a little pasture. Over the years our beliefs about best practices changed. Causing a radical shift in the way we raise cattle. Now, we only use regenerative pasture-based techniques to raise 100% grass-fed beef. Not because it is easier! This is absolute better for our land, animals, friends, family and you supporting folks.

In 2015, Sugar Creeks Farms enterprise took shape and we have grown the herd to around 50 stock. We are not planning to be a large operation. The Sugar Creek Farms name will not be in any stores. We will not mass-market another farms' beef or sell what we didn't raise. We WILL continue providing high quality products to people we want to do business with. We WILL continue to become better stewards of the land and our cattle. We WILL continue to be transparent about our practice and share everything we learn.


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