What we do


We focus our attention on running a regenerative, carbon negative, grass fed beef farm. Located in West Michigan, we believe in creating high quality local goods and products while caring for our animals, planet, friends, and family. We will never mass market products or sell beef grown off other farms.

Our animals

Part of the Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) to help promote safe and humane production of meat.

Our impact

Practicing regenerative agriculture to improve our planet through carbon sequestration.

Your health

Our meat has the same ratio of Omega-3:6 as wild game meat and is richer in alpha and conjugated linoleic acids (proven cancer fighters).

Some frequently asked questions

What is a pick up location?

Pickup Locations are simply places where we meet you with your order. Common locations are home driveways or parking lots. Each location is organized by a volunteer Location Leader who helps to facilitate each delivery.

Are products freshly frozen?

Unlike a common industry practice, our product does not spend time fresh on a sales shelf and then frozen as a last resort to extend its life. Rather, all of our meat products are flash frozen immediately after processing to preserve freshness!

Are your animals 100% grass-fed and finished?

100% of the diet of our grassfed animals consists of freshly grazed pasture and stored grasses (hay or grass silage.) Free-choice minerals supplentations may also be given as needed.

Do you ship?

Currently, we only ship by special request on a case by case basis. We hope to offer this in the future as we invest more into our farm.

why we do it

We’ve been there

In the beginning we started raising beef to provide high quality to immediate family members. As time went on we wanted to improve quality of the land and do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. This lead us to start practicing regenerative agriculture and start building up the soil food web. By doing this we improve nutrients feed to our animals and carbon sequestration.

We want to bring the benefits of grass fed meat to all

Grass-fed beef is more nutritious than Grain-fed beef; it has less fat, fewer calories, is higher in Conjugated linoleum acid (CLA), and a better source of Omega-3s & Omega-6 fats.  

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